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Thursday, 19-Aug-2004 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
My God Damn House!

My appartment
Ahh my second addition to this page.

Hmmm.. What can I say? My apartment is small and expensive to live in. But I guess its better than the street right? But the thing that is even more annoying than living in a small place is trying to find one that is bigger and less expensive. Today was spent trying to do that, as will be tomorrow and Saturday. YAY!!

So why am I writing this and expecting you guys to read it and give a shit? Well I guess Iâ??m notâ?¦

I just want all your ears (or eyes) to hear me (read me) and understand my pain, my fury and my hurt inside kekekeke.. RAAHH..!!

To be honest I just wish I could close my eyes and open them again and have all my material wants in front of me. How mad would that be hey?

CK1 left back to the US today, it was sad to see the lad go. Even though his time spent in Sydney was short lived, I sorta felt like things hadnâ??t changed since he left how ever many years ago it was. 5. 6 or 7 or whatever?? Funny-I always say that..

So itâ??s my dadâ??s birthday today-happy bâ??day dad.. Hope ya feelâ??in good at 55 mate

Anyway I best be off-hope next instalment is a little bit better-or more interesting for all you guys..

Till then SWA!

From Benos.

Wednesday, 18-Aug-2004 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark

Dis is my first 'FOTO' for me web page/blog and upstairs is me

Ok so I know most of you would think I am sad for doing this but I guess I wanna be like CK1 (You got it on web paper now CK). It's a chance to do the whole group keep in touch thing, not to mention send 'FOTOS' to all yall around the world.


I can't be bothered to write anymore so....

SWA till next time-From Benos


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